What is the domain?

No matter a website is small or big, we need a domain name. We can purchase domain names through domain registrars.

What is a Domain?

The domain is an address of a website where Internet users
access a particular website.
On the Internet, a name is used to find or
identify computers over the internet IP address. It is a series of
unique numbers. For identifying entities over the Internet rather than using
IP address.

what is domain name buy

A Domain’s name can be anything i.e combinations of letters
and numbers. Nowadays there are lots of extensions like .com .in,
.io, .net, .co, .biz, .website
and more. A Domain name also depends on the niche of a website whether it is an educational website or a shopping website. also, it varies from country to country. Like for India, you can use .in but if your website is global you need .com domain name. but I recommend .com for everyone because it is global.

Some registrars are more expensive than others, and some lack of free features that others offer at a high cost. So it varies from site to site.

For using the name of a Domain first you have to register it. It is always unique.
Like CHOTADADDY.COM if you type this it will take you to our website. No one can
use my name because I have purchased it.

There are lots of websites from where can you register a domain such as

1) Bigrock.com

bigrock domain

India’s number 1 Domain and hosting company. The registration starts from Rs 99 only for one year. It also offers you combine packages of both domain and hosting. Customer support is awesome.

2) www.inmotionhosting.com

how to buy a domain

Inmotionhosting is the topmost company for the last 14+ years having 24*7 support. The pricing usually goes around $15.99 for one year. It also offers a new user who signup.

3) Domain.com

what is a domain

A clean and simple layout website provides domains, hosting, emails, security, etc. The domain name starts from $9.99 per year. Customer service is good they try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

4) GoDaddy.com

godaddy domain

Award-winning American website over 19million customers. For India pricing starts from rs 199 per year. Toll-free support solves the issue instantly. Also, provide bulk domains, web security, WordPress plans, etc.

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5) Namecheap.com

namecheap domain

Registration starts from $1 per year. Provide hosting, WordPress, apps, security, etc prices are cheap that’s why the name is Namecheap. If you want a try I recommend Namecheap to start.

6) HostGator.com

buying domain hostgator

You will get Free Products & Services With Every Domain you purchase from Hostgator. Domain plans start from rs 399 per year and offer 2 free email accounts with every domain. Customer support is good and available 24*7. Also offer WordPress, reseller, security, hosting and much more.

7) Name.com

domain for free

The company sells DNS domains, web hosting, email services, email services, SSL certificate and much more. You can get your domain $8.99 per year. Your domain also includes free URL and email forwarding, two-step verification, DNS, etc.

8) 1&1 www.ionos.com

.com .net

Founded in 1988 a german based internet company. Plans start from $1 for the first year and then $15-20 per year. The domain includes email, private registration, and SSL.

9) Register.com

register your name

This brand provides Domains, Hosting and SSL, email, online marketing, eCommerce, etc. One of the major drawbacks of the register is that they show pricing in billing no pricing is shown on the domain page.

10) Bluehost.com

logo for free

One of the largest domain provider company. Plans start from $9.99 per year. Each domain includes easy management, auto-renewal, domain lock. This company also provides professional services, affiliates, WordPress, hostings, etc.

And many more websites from where you can buy or register a domain name. You can go and register a domain and after a year you have to renew that registration.

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Article By Varun Wadhawan

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