What is RSS Feed?

What is RSS feed? How to use it on your blog? These are the major questions that come to every new blogger. It is very important term for bloggers. I will explain what is feed and its details in this guide.

In this article we will learn about RSS feeds and why it is important to everyone to stay updated with news. Why offering RSS as a subscription is important for every new blogger. You must notice why every Successful blog have RSS subscription option on their blog so you will find the all your answers reading this blog.

The universal icon used for RSS feed is of orange color and usually placed in sidebar section of a blog. Feed and web feed is another common names of RSS.

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is the technology commonly used by blogger on their blogs or websites. It is a web feed format that is regularly updated information on the web in an organised pattern and user-friendly. It allows a user to monitor blogs, Facebook and Twitter, daily deals, etc. By enabling RSS on their site user can look for fresh and updated information maintaining user privacy.

It refers to files easily read by a computer called XML files that automatically update information as soon as it is updated on that website to the user that subscribe to RSS feeds means user don’t have to check website again and again just to check latest update on that website.

How it help user ?

Usually people bookmark their favorite website and blogs and open everyday just to check for new stuff. But with RSS feeds enables it automatically notify all the update from particular website. You can use any feed-reader like Feedly.

How to subscribe to any website feeds?

You must notice RSS icons while browsing TheBlogDough.com on the homepage and the sidebar. You can simple fill your email and subscribe to the feeds.

rss feed

When you click on subscribe button after entering email id. You will be see a pop up page, where you can click Complete Subscription Request

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I hope our article about RSS feed will provide you enough information. If you have any others questions please feel free to ask. Share and Comment Below.

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