Top 5 Tools to Check Website Traffic

After Publishing a website the next step is content. But there are lots of questions like –How to check how much traffic a website gets? How to analyze website traffic statistics, market Intelligence, and marketing mix. What is the website’s popularity? Is there is any tool or website to check traffic? There are many ways to do this? In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 tools to check the traffic of a website, visitors, bounce rate, etc.

check website traffic

Traffic Estimation Tools to monitor website traffic and ranking of your competitors

1) SEMRush Traffic Analytics

how much traffic do websites get

SEMRush is my favorite tool for keyword research. This tool gave us the information on search engine rankings, how much traffic they get, paid advertising, backlinks, etc. Accuracy and depth of data provided by SEMRush nothing are accurate than it. It is a competitive analysis and traffic analytics toolkit. By using this you can check.
Total number of visits
Traffic sources location
Average visit time
Bounce rate
Paid ads traffic
How much traffic generated from social media


It is quite obvious that the traffic source helps you to find out which all are the top traffic source for a blog or website. An advertiser can quickly discover websites that are using low-quality tricks to boost their traffic.
Marketers and Bloggers are finding untapped traffic sources every time to boost the traffic of their website.
It offers the Geo Distribution feature with this you can discover from which country, a continent the website is driving traffic. This would help in making better SEO and Marketing strategies.


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For a plan of 83.28$/month SEMRush you can also add-on any features like traffic analytics, etc. SEMRush Base/Pro plan starts from $99/month and you can also buy add-ons to find stats of any website domain. The Pro Pack offers a suite of SEO features. SEMRush also offers a free trial with a traffic estimation tool.

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2. SimilarWeb

site traffic web

SimilarWeb is another traffic estimation tool to overview traffic of a website. The best thing is that it provides graphically values of visitors daily and its sources. You can see from which country traffic is coming from? You can also see the top referring sites, top destination sites, display ads, interests, etc. It shows the comprehensive data of traffic and matrices of the website. By using this you can check.
Traffic overview
Total visits
Social Traffic
Audience interest
Competitors & Similar Sites
Avg. visit duration
Bounce rate
Traffic by countries
Search traffic


site traffic web

You can use free and pro plan as it is free and paid. No doubt the free plan is enough to give you a traffic estimate of a blog or website. But for more accurate data you need to buy a Pro plan.

3 Alexa ranking

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It is the best-known software for ranking websites. Alexa track statistics for everyone who is using Alexa toolbar on the browser. Only 1% of internet users use it. It is not very accurate but it roughly gives you an idea of a website. You can install Alexa Extension on chrome, firefox. With Alexa, you can do
Organic Keyword Research
Paid Keyword Research
Competitor Keyword Matrix
Competitor Backlink Checker
Keyword Difficulty Tool
On-Page SEO Checker
Keyword Share of Voice


traffic on website

Alexa has three plans that a user can buy that is Marketing Stack, Website Traffic Analysis and Certified Alexa Rank. Usually, the price starts at $9.99/month.

4. Ahrefs

checking website traffic with google

Ahrefs is the best tracking tool available online. This provides website traffic information. This tool only tracks the competitor website but also helps you to improve your website. By using Aherfs you can check
Domain checking
Search engine
Traffic a search engine is getting
Most traffic getting pages
Rank comparisons with competitors


checking website traffic

There are 4 plans to choose from. The minimum Lite plans start from $ 99/month. You can buy a trial plan for 7 days starting from $7.

5. SE Ranking


Similar just like SEMRush and Ahrefs, SE ranking is another tool available online. It provides detail about your competitor’s traffic. Wheater is organic and paid. It helps you to raise your website than your competitor’s website. With this tool, you can check
Unlimited number of websites
Audit for 250,000 pages
Monitor backlinks
Backlink Checker
Keyword Grouper
SEO/PPC Competitor Research
On-Page Checker
Marketing Plan
Custom SEO
Social Media Analytics and Management


Plans start from $39/month to ENTERPRISE plan of $189/month.

There are many more free or paid tools available for website traffic reports in the market. This article helps you to find the details and compare with others. If you are a beginner you can also use some free tools available. If you have your website or blog, there is no need to estimate. Just install Google Analytics (free by google) to see almost exact traffic numbers.

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