Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense in 2020

how to apply adsense

Applying for Google AdSense to start making money from your blog? Earning money from your blog is the dream of every struggling blogger. Is it easy to get AdSense approval? That’s not an easy process. Google AdSense is guidelines are becoming strict day by day.

In this article, Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense in 2020. I will share all the important information you need to know before applying for Google AdSense. In this, I will answer all the common questions people are searching for.

How to apply for AdSense?
How to make money from AdSense?
What is the eligibility for AdSense?
Is I Am eligible for Google AdSense?
How to qualify Google AdSense?
What are the requirements of Google AdSense?
Why AdSense reject my application?


Google AdSense is one of the networks that is famous for Pay Per Click (PPC). Adsense has millions of customers. AdSense payments are on time. The major reason for choosing Google AdSense we can earn a lot. Many blogger and YouTuber who is making there living from AdSense. That is why almost everyone prefers Google AdSense. Also, Adsense paying rates are much higher than any other network. Since everyone wants AdSense so they made the approval system strict. Any little mistake made disapproves of your approval.

Here are the reasons for which Google will Reject your Application.


1. Insufficient / Unacceptable content

Your website doesn’t have enough content to google to review. Google gives value to the content of the blog before accepting it. if the content is poorly written and has grammatical mistakes Google will reject the application. Also, your content must be unique and provides value to users and readers.

2. Design of your blog

design before adsense

Suppose if you go on a website with a dark green background with yellow text written on it.
You will never use the website right. No one prefers that website with poor design and layout.
Google rejects the AdSense if the website is poorly designed and are hard to understand by the users. You must have a good looking design which comforts the users.

3. No Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page on the website

If your website doesn’t have Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page Google AdSense will reject your website. These are the pages give the impression that you are a professional and working according to the Google policies.

4. Meeting With AdSense Policies

AdSense Policies

If your site doesn’t have unique content, no organic traffic and pages with no original content and poor user experience will also a reason for google Adsense disapproval. Traffic should come through illegal sources and excessive keywords also become a reason for rejection.

You need proper guidance before applying for Google Adsense.

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1. Write High-Quality Content

Before applying for Google AdSense first write high-quality content. Don’t ignore it. High-quality content is appreciated by visitors and also by Google.
Your content must be unique and original with a proper arrangement like headings and bullets. your content post must be Grammarly correct.

2. Privacy Policy Page

A common mistake done by the new blogger is there is no privacy policy page on their website. this is the most important thing you need to do before applying for Google AdSense. Why it is important? The privacy policy means you are serious about your business and do not do any scam with its users. Having a privacy policy page on your blogging website is not a bad thing.

3. About Us Page

Creating About Us Page like the privacy policy page is also important for a website for AdSense approval. About Us, page plays a major role in applying AdSense. This page describes your blog and makes trust in your readers.

4. Contact Us Page

Everyone has his own opinion. Maybe something bothers someone. So contact us page allow them to contact you and talk to you. What they want to be edited, what is liked or hated by them.

Create a contact page, add your email ( that email you are applying for AdSense). You can also add your social media profiles. Creating a contact us page tells goggle that you care for your readers. your readers can contact you anytime. This will show the Adsense team that you care for your readers, you are not before money.

5. A Clear Navigation Menu(Bar)

navigation bar

Google AdSense mentions in their rejection email that your blog/website must have a clean navigation menu. It is easy for readers to find pages and access the content. Your menu should we categorized and pages like about us, contact us and privacy policy that can help readers to find the content easily what they are looking for. The more you care for your visitors more the chances will to get approved.

Don’t forget to put your name and email address in about us and contact us pages. it will show google that the same person is applying for AdSense. All of this will promote the verification process.

6. Having Good Number Of Posts

Your blog must have 15plus posts before applying to AdSense. The best time to apply for AdSense is when you have 20 good quality posts with a word length of 600+ words.

7. Age required for Google AdSense

You must have an age of 18. Because AdSense will not approve people who are under 18. Be accurate while typing your age. Fill exact date and age while applying for Adsense.

8. Design of your blog

Your website must be professional, a clean and fast loading design is appreciated not by google but also by the peoples. A good impressive blog engages readers. Content is the king, but blog design is the biggest thing after that. The design represents your experience, expertise, and professionalism. Your website must have the following features:

  • Simple and professional Design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Proper menu
  • No useless items
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast loading

9. Check Your Content-Type

Content is the king. Your blog post should not be approved by AdSense.

Pirate/plagiarised Content
Hacking or Cracking Tips and Tutorials

If your blogs include these incorporate content Google AdSense will not approve your application. Adsense support a few languages, make sure your language is on the list.

10. Domain Name

Use a unique domain name that specifies your blog/website. Don’t use subdomains please buy a top-level domain. It will cost you around 4$/year and $15-20 for next year.
Choose a short, unique and must be easy to remember domain name that relates your niche.

11. Other Ad Networks

If you are using other ad networks on your blog like, clicksor, etc. Remove all networks if you want AdSense to approve you. Google will now approve AdSense if you are using any other network. Google AdSense allows using other ad networks along with Adsense. But it’s better to remove ads network before apply until you get a reply from AdSense. It normally takes a week or more.

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12. Traffic Sources

The website that is getting paid traffic, they have less chance to get approved by google. bring traffic from search engines or organic traffic if you want to get approved by AdSense. Google Doesn’t accept if traffic is coming from illegal sources. So focus on organic traffic such as social media and search engines.

I hope this article was Useful and You liked all the Information shown about Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense in 2020! Make sure to leave a comment and share it. Cheers.

Article By: Varun Wadhawan

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