How to get the same name on all social media handles.

how to get same username on social

Here’s something really exciting choosing the new name for your brand but one thing that you really must keep in mind is that your brand name will appear in multiple places. On almost every social media, but getting the same username everywhere is quite difficult.

What do I mean by that well most people choose their brand name and then go and see if the websites available the website domain name so brand name com or brand name org that’s all well and good but you do need to have your brand name in other places to
think about all the social media platforms that are right there.


All these social have different usernames.
So this doesn’t look nice.

Benefits of having the same “HANDLE” username in every social media.

1) If you can have the same ‘Handle’ on all social media, I feel it makes you more discoverable.
2) The audience can easily find you on various platforms.
3) It also attracts fans, users, clients. Create a good impact on them.
4) It does not create confusion for yourself or others.
5) The memorable handle is crucial for your online identity.
6) It makes your company easier to remember and find.
7) It shows professionalism and brand.

The various website from where you can check availability of the user names

1) Checkusernames

On this website, you can check your brand or username on 500 Social Networks. A popular website like YouTube, Wikipedia, Linked In, Twitter, eBay, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger, Word Press, Daily Motion, Reddit, CNET, Vimeo, etc. You can check the availability of the name at the same time all 500 websites on this.

same social media name

2) knowem

The second one is the most popular website. Checks over 500 social networks for your brand or username, categorized by niche markets. This site also has a paid version to check more things in detail like USPTO Trademark Database etc. This website also featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, CNN, Cnet, etc.

same social media name

3) Namecheckr

Namecheckr is one of the tools to search domain and social username availability. In the world of brand management and picking names for new projects, makes it easy to see if the name you have in mind is available across a multitude of networks.

same social media names

4) Namecheck

Namecheck is also one of the most popular websites of all time. You can check the domain name, social media even play store availability here. It is a very clean, fast, Detailed result website.

same social media name

There are many more free websites and tools to check username availability. I use these websites. And prefer these.

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Article By Varun Wadhawan
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