How to create an AdSense account

After publishing articles on the blog everybody wants to earn or make some revenue from it. I mean everybody wants money but when your hobby gives you money it will give happiness. In this post, I will tell you how you can create an AdSense account for your website.

You can do actual money blogging. All you have to make a blogging website. Read our article: How to start a blog and make money in 2019.

There are many ads networks or AdSense alternate from which you can generate ads revenue but Adsense is one of the best. Many ways out there from which you can earn more than Adsense. There are many ways to monetize your blog/website.

I make this website on 31 October 2019. Within a month I publish 15 articles on varies topics on my website. On the first of December, I apply for Google Adsense and after few days my Adsense account is ready and I set up Ads on my website. But wait, Is this is what I did actually?

I started blogging and I am not sure How to create a Google Adsense account? How to create money from AdSense? How to create Adsense account? Many questions are running in my mind. But I continue writing articles on my blog. Applying for AdSense is easy but there are lots of Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense in 2020. I will tell you the exact method that I used for creating a Google Adsense account.

What is Adsense

It is an advertisement program for publishers on Game, Search and Video (Blog, Youtube, Playstore Game) See Wiki details. Contextual Ads (Display, In-feed, In-article) are placed on your blog and you receive revenue when ads are clicked by someone.

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Requirements  for Adsense

Must require things you need before apply for AdSense for the blog:

  • A website
  • You also must be 18 years old. Otherwise, use the name and details of parents, guardians, etc.

Steps to create Adsense account

First Login to Sign Up.

Add Url of your site, Your email address then yes. Save and Continue

how to create adsense account

Select Country. Accept Terms and conditions.

how to create adsense account

After this, it will take you to the Home screen. Fill Customer info, Name, and Address.

how to adsense

You will see Connect your site to Adsense


It is very important to fill the Payee Name. Use the same name and Address as the bank account. Google Adsense sends you payments by cheque and ACH payments under the same name which is filled by you.

Take your time but don’t make a mistake while filling the information. Changing the Name in your account is difficult in many countries. India is also included in the list.

List of countries that are not allowed to change the payee name after signing up.

where to paste adsense code

Your Adsense code. Copy this code. And open your website > Dashboard > Appearance.

  • Open header.php
  • Find <head>
  • Paste copied Code below <head>
adsense code in wordpress

After Pasting AdSense code it looks like this.

where to paste adsense code
Click the “Update File” button. It shows “File Edited Successfully”
  • After this Go to Your Adsense account.
  • Checkmark” I’ve pasted the code into my site”
  • It shows “THE CODE WAS FOUND”

The code you have pasted on your website is found by Google crawlers. They will review your website where you pasted the Adsense Code. It usually takes a day or two weeks.

how to create adsense account

The account activation process is started now. It usually takes a day or longer. Now they will email you. If you are eligible you receive an email “Time to get activated”

Congratulations! Your Adsense account is activated. Now you can run ads on your blog/website. Login to your Adsense account. SET UP ADS. Your website is ready to display Ads by Google. Place ads where you want to display.

Once Adsense is ready, you need to add Adsense codes to your blog. Google AdSense team will review the application again after the codes Pasted. Your account will be activated by the Adsense Pin. That will send to you within 1-2 months depending on the Address or location.

Tax and Pin

To receive earning from Adsense there are two more steps ahead:

  • Submit tax information
  • Enter pin

AdSense Pin

Once your earning reaches to $10. You need to add Adsense Pin to your blog. Adsense Pin is automatically mail by google. Any Adsense Pin related queries.


You can withdraw your money once your Google Adsense reaches the threshold of $100. After that, you start receiving Payments.

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I hope this article  How you can create an AdSense account ” helps you. Please share it and comment below.

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