What are Backlinks in SEO And What are The Advantages of Backlinks?

A backlink is the most common word used in SEO. Every new blogger struggle with the term backlink. What is backlink? What does backlink mean?

In this article, I will tell you what backlink is? Why they are an essential part of SEO? Why backlink is important in online success? How to analyze backlinks. What Are The Advantages of Backlinks?


What is a backlink?

A backlink could be a link that web site gets from another website. Backlink makes a huge impact on website importance search results. That’s why Backlink is considered very usefully in improving the SEO ranking of the website. Search engine display search results after multiple calculations. No one knows the algorithms what search engine used. Use a proper way to generate backlinks. Maintain the quality more than the quantity. Earlier a webpage with lots of backlinks ranks higher on all search engines. But for now, they made lots of changes in their algorithms.

Many terms are used in backlinks like Link Juice, Do-follow backlinks, No-follow backlinks, Low-Quality Links, Internal Links, Root Domains, AnchorText, etc. Let’s discuss them.

Link Juice

Link Juice is a backlink (within a site or another website) that is from well known trusted websites by the search engines that will pass juice.
This link juice helps in increasing the ranking of the article and domain authority.

Do-Follow Link

All the links that are in a blog post are known as Do-Follow Links. Also all these pass link juice.

No- Follow Link

When a website link has No-Follow Tag, that links do not pass any juice. These links are not useful in ranking a page because they don’t contribute anything.

Linking Root Domains

The number of backlinks coming from a unique domain. When one site links to another one or more time in SEO. Multiple Backlinks counted as one linking root domain

Low-Quality Links

Low-Quality Backlinks are the links that are generated from spam sites, porn sites, automated sites, etc. These links can harm your site. Beware before buying links online.

Internal Links

Clear from its name “Internal Links”. These are the links that link one page to another page of the same website/domain.

Anchor Text

It is visible and clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text is used for creating links. Particularly used when you are trying to rank a specific keyword.

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

Advantages of Backlinks

Earlier placing more backlinks even low-quality backlinks helps in ranking a site. But Google changed its Algorithm that changes all the industry. Google keeps changing it is from time to time. It is good to have contextual backlinks from quality sites. Use backlinks from the same niche website. Receiving backlinks from other niche website is of no use. Get links from authorized and relevant websites. Backlinks play important role in SEO.

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Why creating backlinks are important for your website.

Improving Organic Ranking

For better SEO (search engine ranking) backlinks play a crucial role. If your content is getting links from other websites is will automatically start ranking higher in the search results. Always create links to individual posts along those leading to the home page of your website.

Fast Indexing In Search Engine


Search engine bots auto-discover new pages by following backlinks from existing webpages. Having no backlinks on your websites that will create more difficult for a search engine to find your website. A new website must have backlinks as it helps bots to faster discovery, SEO and indexing of your website.

Referral Traffic

The major benefit of backlinks is that they help in getting referral traffic. When a visitor reading a post may click on the links in the post to refer to another topic. Referral traffic is targeted and has a low bounce rate (The percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.)

How to start getting backlinks

So after understanding what is backlink and how it relates to SEO and why they are so important. Now learn very simple ways of acquiring backlinks.
The most important fact about the backlink SEO is that it is not the number of backlinks that matters is the quality of backlinks. Good quality backlinks are better than 100 bad backlinks. If you buy backlinks for the paid sites like fiverr.com, upwork.com, etc. You are likely to penalized by Google Penguin’s Algorithm.

How can you get the quality backlinks for your blogs? Here are some ways :

Write awesome articles
The broken link-building method
Replicating competitors’ backlinks
Create cornerstone/Piller articles
Submit to Web directories

1. Write awesome articles

Always write awesome articles if you want people to link to you. If your content is helpful solves the common issue and enjoyable people will be happy to link to you.
How do you write an awesome article?
Try to solve people’s problems because most people read content for looking at a solution to solve the problems and how to fix them. Many of your content is easy to read and understand. Write short in simple sentences. Add heading, images and make proper formatting. THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Today there is enough content on the internet. How will you stand out?
Build authority into the article. Users learn from people with authority on that topic. Be the one.

2. The broken link-building method

The Web is constantly advancing. Broken links are links to pages that are no longer exist on a website. Content pages change, move or get deleted from time to time. Readers hate broken links as it contributes to poor user experience. It takes a lot of effort to continuously rid your site to broken links. This strategy takes advantage of that. The concept is simple:

The most vital part of this strategy is finding the correct “broken” content to recreate and pitch. To do this, you’ll want a tool that enables you to analyze/ investigate backlinks. Use tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. Enter the domain of AN authoritative, competitive website in site explorer of these tools. After that go to the best by links reports and filter by HTTP404 NOT FOUND.

  • Find a broken link
  • You recreate the dead content
  • You reach intent on individuals linking there to dead content and raise them to link to your recreated version.
3. Submit to web directories

Submitting your blog to web directories is one of the easy ways to get backlinks. This method is not appropriate nowadays because finding legal web directories is not so easy. Also, avoid those web directories that ask you to create a backlink to their website to get your website into their directory. Never exchange backlinks with backlinks. If you are using the automatic direct submission, stop doing that it will cause your blog to appear like spam. It can cost you in terms of your domain authority or even the complete removal of blogs on the search engines.

4. Guest Post blogging

Guest as clear from the word “Guest”. It is the article that you write for someone else blogs instead of own blog. But how to find sites to guest posts that’s the biggest challenge for every new blogger. You can search for the sites that are accepting guest posts this will increase your chances of being accepted.
These sites have a page calling for contributors, like a “Write For Us” or “Contribute” page or something like this. Write an awesome post so that people know you and your site.

5. Replicate your competitors’ backlinks

Your website/blog may be new, but your competitor’s sites are not. This means they have got plenty of backlinks. They also did some link building of their website so that they can rank better. Use this to take advantage. Find out how they have been acquiring their links and replace them.
Use the Link Intersect tool by Ahrefs to do this. Add your competitors to the tool, and click “Show link opportunities”.

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